*1990, lives and works in Vienna


Mag. Art. Diploma with distinction ‘Scenography’
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Visiting Semester ‘TransArts’
University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Erasmus+ ‘Print and Time based Media’
University of the Arts, London

Bachelor ‘Language Arts’
University of Applied Arts, Vienna


2020                     Work grant COVID-19, MA7, Vienna
International Scholarship, University of Applied Arts , Vienna
Cassis Artist Residency, 280a, Austrian Culture Forum
PACT Zollverein Residency, Viereinhalbsätze, Essen
Support Grant, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Visual Art X Dance Scholarship, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Merit-based Scholarship, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


2020     FROM NOSE TO COAST, Group Show, _____Tim Nolas, cur. Cornelia Lein, Vienna

2020     Verein Wohlmut, Group Show, Vienna 
2020     Motion Sickness, Artistbook Release with Katrin Euller
2020     Publication Release,  ed. Michaela Schweighofer 
2020     Solo exhibition, New Jörg, invited by Laura Wagner, Vienna  
2020     Dance Of Urgency, publication Q21, ed. Bogomir Doringer
2020     Artistbook, ed. Marit Wolters 

2020    DER BOTE IST DER TOTE, Group Show, Mauve cur. Titania Seidl a. Lukas Thaler, Vienna  
2020   Open Studio, Art Week Vienna, Volkertplatz 8, 1020 Vienna  
2019    Zunge im Ohr/ Tongue in Ear, Kubatur des Kabinetts, cur. Severin Dünser a. Olympia Tzortzi
2019    Tutto, a setting for an audioplay for a setting, jederjede, Mainopening Notgalerie Kunstland Nord, Vienna
2019    Cosy Clash, Duo Show with Mara Novak, Kaeshmaesh, Vienna
2019    for/against, Flux 1, Group Show, cur. Lim Yang
2018    Zoo, Group Show, Parallel x GOMO, Vienna
2018    Mary (in transition space), site-specific work, The Essence, Vienna
2018    Mary, Book Launch, Fokus Angewandte, Vienna
2017    The Second Aspect of the Same, Group Show, _____Tim Nolas, Vienna
2017    Back and Forth to Nowhere, Group Show, Lumen Studios, London
2017    Tate Exchange, Group Show, Tate, London
2016    Excess Goods- you should be working, Degree Show, Semperdepot, Vienna 2016    To Take on Stage, cur. Michaela Schweighofer, Kurzbauergasse, Vienna
2016    o.T., Video loop, Group Show, Essence, Vienna
2016    Party, cur. _____Tim Nolas Vienna
2016    Party, Literaturhaus, Vienna
2015    Re-, Repetition I/II, cur. Franz Thalmair, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna
2015    Everyone wants to take a seat at the table, Group Show, cur. _____Tim Nolas, Vienna
2015    Sonett#122, Rundgang, Semperdepot, Vienna
2015    PER, MQ Raum D, Sprachkunst, Wien
2015    Heritage, Lecture, Schaumbad, Steirischer Herbst, Graz
2015    Wolfram Lotz@Angewandte, Lecture, Vienna
2015     Jenny#2, Lecture, University of applied Arts, Vienna
2014     Johann Virginia auf Spechtjagd, Sound Performance with Oskar Mayböck, Buch im Beisl, Vienna
2014     Leitcodierung Thomas Kling, Group Performance, ed. Anja Utler, Poesiefestival, AdK Berlin
2014     Lecture Performance, Essence, Vienna
2014     Three Women, Sound-Lecture Performance with Oskar May, Literaturhaus, Vienna
2013     give your data get a poem, Performance, Semperdepot, Vienna
2012     Stockroom, Happening Reproduction Allan Kaprow, cur. Hubert Klocker, Sammlung Friedrichshof


Mary, Artistbook, Vienna 2018

the other body, ed. Viereinhalbsätze, Tanzplattform Deutschland, Essen, 2018

sentimental defence, ed. 280a, Vienna-Cassis, 2018

Voices, ed. Nina Prader, Berlin, 2017

Selfportrait of a Rectangle, Pageworks – Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation, ed. Franz Thalmair, Vienna-London 2016

Für Zwei Seiten, Re-, ed. Franz Thalmair, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna 2015

Wie ich in dieser Küche, Jenny #2, Verlag Walter de Gruyter, Vienna 2014

Textur des Arbeitsprozesses, Collage, Sammlung Friedrichshof 2012, ed. Hubert Klocker, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2012